Townhouse located at Józef Dietla 21 in Cracow is a historic property dating back to 1910, designed by architect Henryk Lamensdorf, on the U-shaped (rectangular main body and two side outbuildings). This house is completely bricked out. Its architectural decor includes modest Secession forms, enriched with glazed ceramic tiles.

The outbuildings were built in 1924 by the architect Zygmunt Prokesz, and subsequent major renovations were carried out only in 1970.

Elevation of the tenement house

Józefa Dietla Street was built between 1878-1880. It is one of the longest and most recognizable routes in Krakow. Originally it consisted of two roads divided by a large green belt of almost 5 hectares. Formerly also called “street-garden”, due to the stretching along tastefully arranged green.

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