Apartments at Józefa Dietla 21 constitute an investment purchase with high market value. Offered premises could be suitable both for residential purposes as well as for tourist and business rental. It is a perfect place for families with children, singles as well as investors searching for attractive capital investment. The elements which ensure the attractiveness of apartments at Józefa Dietla 21 are in particular their price - unbeatable in that area of thew city, and location in the very centre of Kraków as well as one-of- a-kind architecture.

The capital of the Lesser Poland region is the second biggest city in Poland. There are nearly 800 000 citizens, while over 3.5 million people live in the metropolitan area. The city of Cracow is an important academic centre with its 12 universities and over 180 000 students*. The city is present on the list of 5 most popular places in Europe and every year, Kraków wins prestigious awards of the tourist industry as well as is included in top rankings of most popular places in the world which are worth visiting. Only in the year 2016, Cracow was visited by over 14 900 000 tourists. Wieliczka, Niepołomice, Zakopane or Bochnia – these towns, located near the city of Kraków, are also very popular among tourists visiting the Lesser Poland region.

Kraków agglomeration is very interesting for business – it is located at the junction of key transport nodes, with GOP (Upper Silesian Industrial Region), Aviation Valley and business parks situated in the immediate vicinity of the Southern border of the city. Kraków has recently been recognized as one of the best places in Central and Eastern Europe for locating business service centres. The city is also characterized by convenient transport connections – Kraków-Balice airport serves over 60 European flights, while in 2015 passenger traffic amounted to over 4 000 000 people. ***

With all these elements combined, properties at Józefa Dietla 21 gain particular attractiveness. Big location potential together with historical character of the tenement house as well as artful renovation process make this investment unique on the map of the city.

* Data provided by Statistical Office in Kraków, August 2015, Advance compilation number 10 – Universities in the Lesser Poland region in the academic year 2014/2015
** Data provided by Lesser Poland Tourist Organization (MOT)
*** Data provided by Kraków Airport – Traffic summary 2016

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